Hyperloop across the River Tyne

Become a city architect for the day and design a bridge to cross the River Tyne

From chariots in Ancient Greece to cars in the present day, bridges are an integral way for transport to take us to all sorts of places.

We’d like you to design an inspiring bridge to the future over the River Tyne for Hyperloop, a proposed mode of fast and efficient passenger transportation.

The bridge can be as brief or as detailed as you like.  You can draw from any angle, 2D or 3D, use any materials or colours…be as creative as possible!

We will pick a weekly winner for the duration of our Horse to Hyperloop exhibition.  As well as being featured on our website and social media channels, each weekly winner will be entered the final draw to win the overall prize of a tailored goody bag!

You can enter on Twitter using the hashtag #bridge2future or email designtoinspire@ryderarchitecture.com.

The competition will open on 22 June and close on 7 September, with the overall winner being announced on 8 September.