The Next Generation advisory board

Francesca Harrison, senior architect at Ryder, talks about starting a family and flexible working as part of Building Magazine's Next Generation takeover.  Next Generation is an advisory panel of recent graduates put together to offer a fresh perspective on construction's burning issues.

Flexible working for all staff, including a smooth return after maternity leave, will result in more content and productive employees

Starting a family is a big milestone in most people’s lives and is something I have always wanted, so when last year I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was elated. My thoughts then turned to how having a family would affect my career, something I have worked hard to achieve and want to continue to progress.

Having a family can put a lot of pressure on parents as they find their time stretched between home and work, trying to get the right balance. Employers have a responsibility to help them find that balance in a way that works for both parties. If they don’t then they are effectively penalising people who want a family life. 

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