30 November 2016

In 2013, Ryder proudly became founding patron of the design charity, AzuKo, which co designs community driven solutions for deprived areas in the UK and internationally.  Construction has recently begun for two projects in Emmaus St Albans and Dinajpur, Bangladesh. 

In Dinajpur, Bangladesh, the residents of Jogen Babu Maath slum face a multitude of design issues in the built environment; one issue being that many residents cook over an open sewer.  In response, AzuKo helped develop a neighbourhood civic committee, which decided on three issues and projects - sanitation, drainage and road surfacing.  Through AzuKo’s facilitation, research and design, construction has now begun on a sanitation complex for the community, managed and run by the community. 

AzuKo believes that relevant and culturally sensitive design starts with research & understanding.  Emmaus St Albans worked with AzuKo to better understand how they can serve their beneficiaries in their existing space.  The team have collaborated with 32 local homeless people using photography, workshops, listening lists, shadowing and interviews.  Analysis uncovered the real need is retail space, rather than the expanded workshop space that the board of trustees assumed was needed. 

If you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities, how to get involved or to support the charitable work AzuKo does then please contact director, Jo Ashbridge, or the board chair and Ryder director, Andrew Costa