London Festival of Architecture exhibition

3 July 2015

Two events to celebrate the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) themed “Work In Progress” attracted nearly 100 visitors to Ryder Architecture’s London studio last week.

Featuring an exhibition of work by visual artist David Bilbrough focussing on the pioneering Ryder and Yates 1960s housing scheme at Kenton Bar, the events were a unique chance to demonstrate the practice’s longevity and consistency of work over the past 60 years.  A client evening on Thursday set the scene, followed by a RIBA open studio event on Saturday with interactive activities and the opportunity to raise money for property charity CRASH.

Ryder and Yates’ Kenton Bar, still in use today, created a new housing typology which facilitated a strong community identity; an aspiration which is integral to Ryder’s current Lodge Road scheme in St John’s Wood.

Ryder’s senior partner Peter Buchan said “LFA’s “Work in Progress” is an apt theme as it shows how over the past 60 years we have endeavoured to create buildings that engender an interaction between people; whether colleagues, the public, or residents.  David Bilbrough’s exhibition taps into a rich source of inspiration from the past which is still relevant today and should continue to influence our work as it progresses.”

David Bilbrough said “I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to bring my exhibition to Ryder’s London studio to showcase the work of this innovative practice during its early years.

“My interest in Ryder and Yates has opened up huge potential to dig deep into their archive material and I am grateful to the practice for opening up this source of inspiration to me.  It is a great body of work for further art collaborations.”

Emma Brophy, CRASH communications manager, said “Ryder as a patron continually strives to give back to the community in different ways and this exhibition was yet another way of them doing that. We are extremely grateful for all proceeds donated.”

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