Inside Housing Development Awards Dora House, Finalist (with Central & Cecil)
Inside Housing Development Awards Lanhill Road, Finalist (with Dolphin Living) 
Inside Housing Development Awards Lodge Road, Finalist (with Dolphin Living) 
GIA Awards Wick Community Campus, Commended
Building Awards PlanBEE, Winner - Skills Initiative of the Year
Civic Trust Awards Wick Community Campus, Regional Finalist
Hyperloop One Global Challenge Northern Arc, Winner (with Arup)
AJ Architecture Awards Wick Community Campus, Shortlisted
THE Awards BIM Academy, Shortlisted - Most Innovative Contribution to Business-University Collaboration (with Northumbria University)
National Housing Awards Lanhill Road, Shortlisted
RIAS Wick Noss Primary School, Shortlisted
AJ Employer of the Year Finalist
AJ Break Through Business Finalist
AJ International Practice Finalist
Civic Trust 1 West Regent Street, Winner
Bespoke Access AllGo, Winner - Hotel Design (with Motionspot)
BCO 1 West Regent Street, Shortlisted
RICS Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Winner
RICS Emergency Care Centre, Winner 
RIBA Ashington Leisure Centre, Winner
RIBA Manchester Central Library, Winner
RIAS 1 West Regent Street, Winner
Civic Trust Manchester Central Library, Winner
Civic Trust Scottish Crime Campus, Winner
BCO Armstrong Works, Shortlisted
GIA 1 West Regent Street, Winner
Railway Heritage Newcastle Central Station, Winner
Sunday Times Smithfield 6, Winner - Residential
Public Architecture Manchester Central Library, Winner
LABC Newcastle Central Station, Shortlisted
Constructing Excellence Newcastle Central Station, Shortlisted
Constructing Excellence Thirteen Headquarters, Shortlisted
Construction News Manchester Central Library, Winner - Project of the Year
BCO Durham Police Headquarters, Shortlisted
Manchester Chamber Manchester Central Library, Winner - Building of the Year
Built Environment Forum Manchester Central Library, Winner - Innovative Design
North West Construction Manchester Central Library, Winner -  Sustainability
North West Construction Manchester Central Library, Winner - Building of the Year
North West Construction Manchester Central Library, Winner - Legacy award
AJ100 Ryder Architecture, Best Place to Work NE
UKSPA Liverpool Science Park 1C3, Winner
European Union Scottish Crime Campus, Shortlisted
GIA Scottish Crime Campus, Winner
RIAS Scottish Crime Campus, Winner
Rochdale Borough Council Design Brownhill Pupil Council Design, Winner
BCO Scottish Crime Campus, Winner
Lord Mayors' Design Bolam Coyne, Winner
West Yorkshire Trinity Academy, Winner - Best Education Development
North West Construction Manchester Central Library, Winner
RICS Bolam Coyne, Winner - Project of the Year
Halifax Civic Trust Trinity Academy, Winner
Building Awards Ryder Architecture, Finalist - Practice of the Year
LABC Harton Primary, Highly Commended
BCO P&I Association HQ, Winner
RIBA Institute of Transplantation, Winner
BCSE Harton Primary, Winner
Constructing Excellence South Tyneside Area Command, Winner
Constructing Excellence South Tyneside and Gateshead BSF, Winner
RIBA North Tyneside Area Command, Winner
LABC North Tyneside Area Command, Winner - Best Sustainable
BCSE Bonhill Primary, Highly Commended
RICS Bonhill Primary, Commended
RIBA Newcastle City Library, Winner
RIBA Cooper's Studios, Winner
Public Private Finance Newcastle City Library, Winner - Best Community
RICS Newcastle City Library, Winner - Community Benefit
Architects Journal Janus Chairs, Winner - Small Project
LABC Newcastle City Library, Winner
Mary Finch Accessibility Newcastle City Library, Winner - Delegates’ Choice Award
Mary Finch Accessibility High Heaton, Community Library Winner - Architecture Meets Practicality
Public Library Building Newcastle City Library, Winner - Innovation Award
Delegates’ Choice Newcastle City Library, Winner
Lord Mayor’s Design Newcastle City Library, Winner
World Education Hazelwood School, Highly Commended
BCSE Hazelwood School, Winner
Inspiring Design  Hazelwood School, Winner
Public:Private Finance  Newcastle Building Schools for the Future, Winner - Best Private Sector Consortium
Public:Private Finance South Tyneside and Gateshead Building Schools for the Future, Winner - Best Education Project
LABC Cobalt 22/23, Finalist - Best Large Commercial Building North East
BCO  Newcastle Building Society, Winner - Best Commercial Workplace
Civic Trust  Darlington Education Village, Winner
LABC North Tyneside Council, Best Partnership
Roses Design and Advertising  Glasgow Harbour Phase 2, Winner - Silver, Best Residential Project 
RIAS Telford Drive, Shortlisted - Best Building in Scotland
Premio Internazionale Dedalo Minosse alla Committenza Hazelwood School, Shortlisted 
Design Share Hazelwood School, Winner - Honour Award
RIBA Quadrus, Winner
RIBA Darlington Education Village, Winner 
Public:Private Finance Darlington Education Village, Winner - Operational Project with the Best Design 
Public:Private Finance  Redcar Grouped Schools, PFI Winner - Best Operational Educational Project 
LABC  NHS Surgery Centre Gateshead, Winner - Best Partnership with a contractor Northern Region 
The Chicago Athenaeum International  JKS Workshops, Winner 
GIA Glasgow Harbour Phase 2, Winner - Residential 
South Tyneside, Good Designs  The Quadrus Centre, Winner 
Scottish Design  JKS Workshops, Best Regeneration Project 
RIBA  JKS Workshops, Winner 
Roses Design and Advertising  JKS Workshops, Winner - Best Regeneration (Bronze) 
Roses Design and Advertising  JKS Workshops, Winner - Best Commercial Project (Silver) 
Roses Design and Advertising  JKS Workshops Winner, Chairman's Award (Gold) 
Roses Design and Advertising  Telford Drive, Winner - Best Affordable Housing 
BCO  The Sentinel Building, Best Commercial Workplace 
GIA  Telford Drive, Winner - Affordable Housing 
RIAS  JKS Workshops, Shortlisted  
Lord Mayor’s Design  55 Degrees North, Winner 
RIBA  Picture House, Winner 
RIBA  Generator Studios, Winner 
RIBA  Sentinel, Winner 
Scottish Design Sentinel, Winner 
GIA Sentinel, Winner
RIAS Sentinel, Shortlisted - Best Building in Scotland 
BCO Picture House, Winner 
BCO  Generator Studios, Winner 
Lord Mayor’s Design Generator Studios, Winner 
RIAS  Radisson SAS Hotel, Shortlisted - Best Building in Scotland 
GIA  Radisson SAS Hotel, Winner 
Scottish Design Award Radisson SAS Hotel, Winner - Best Commercial Project 
The Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland  Radisson SAS Hotel, Winner - Special Award for the Best Commercial Building 
European Hotel Design Awards Radisson SAS Hotel, Winner - Best New Hotel 
1st European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage  Glasgow Central Station, Winner - Europa Nostra Award 
GIA A3 Building, Winner - Commercial Development 
GIA The Spectrum Building, Winner 
Blueprint Architecture Awards  The Spectrum Building, Finalist - Best Public Building Refurbishment 
Scottish Design The Spectrum Building, Public Choice Category 
The Leisure Property and Property Week Bewley’s Hotel, Winner - Best Hotel Scheme
Broadland District Council Design Awards Bannatyne Health and Leisure, Winner 
RIBA Hadrian Viasystems, Winner 
LTA Awards Northumberland Lawn Tennis Club, Winner - Indoor Facility of the Year  
Civic Trust Northumberland Lawn Tennis Club, Winner 
Lord Mayor’s Design   Sandgate House, Winner 
Civic Trust Pilkington Optronics, Winner 
RIBA Pilkington Optronics, Winner  
Civic Trust Vickers Defence Systems, Winner 
RIBA Vickers Defence Systems, Winner 
RIBA British Gas Engineering Research Station, Winner 
Civic Trust British Gas Engineering Research Station, Winner 
Concrete Society British Gas Engineering  Research Station, Winner 
Financial Times' Industrial Architecture  British Gas Engineering Research Station, Winner