Attending MIPIM 2023

As MIPIM 2023 approaches, Jonathan Seebacher, partner at Ryder, discusses his expectations as he heads to Cannes for the international real estate event

What is the importance of Ryder attending MIPIM 2023 and what do you hope to get out of the event?

The main aim for us attending MIPIM is to build new and reaffirm existing relationships.  We’ll be approaching it from two different, equally important, perspectives: Ryder and Invest Newcastle.  From a personal perspective as Ryder, it’s an important opportunity to increase our visibility and showcase our work on an international platform.  As part of the Invest Newcastle delegation, it gives us the chance to cement relationships with other likeminded businesses from the city and work together on bringing new clients and investment to the region.

How do you get the best out of the conference?

I think we need a balance of both proactive and reactive strategies.  It’s important to have a plan, but there’s a certain amount of agility needed to deal with these circumstances, when unplanned things can arise.  This way we can feel prepared for anything and completely throw ourselves into the event.

Ryder are premier sponsors of Invest Newcastle and are involved in a number of ongoing regeneration schemes in the city.  How much importance do you place on the relationship with Invest Newcastle?

Our relationship with Invest Newcastle goes way beyond MIPIM and has done for years now.  What’s important about MIPIM is that it puts likeminded individuals in the same room based on a mutual passion for the region – you don’t get that opportunity at any other point during the year.  I think there’s a great level of trust and mutual respect that will come from that, which can only serve as a good thing.

You were the main driver of the Ryder Alliance, an initiative that showcases the importance of international collaboration. How does the Ryder Alliance benefit from your time at MIPIM?

We’ve started to look at where our network extends to and start connecting the dots between this myriad of people that we can connect with at MIPIM.  We say that a client of the alliance is a client of Ryder’s, and the alliance opens a broader conversation with people which helps build our international credibility, which is incredibly important at an event such as this.

It sounds like it’s going to be a busy week in Cannes.  What are you looking forward to most?

There was a massive amount of buzz and momentum on the back of MIPIM 2022.  I think 2023 is the opportunity to build on that and maximise our own potential and Newcastle as a place for investment.  If we can play a part in that, then fantastic!

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