Groundbreaking Office Space Begins On Site

A headquarters designed by Ryder for tombola, the UK's biggest online bingo site, began on site in May.

Ryder have created a unique riverside campus for tombola, to unify the company’s current listed building with a new 25,000sqft office development including new external landscaping which reinforce the local character of Wylam Wharf, Sunderland.

The open plan offices will be located on the first and second floors and designs incorporate a three storey central atrium and the pioneering commercial use of electrochromic glass externally, to control occupant comfort and achieve energy efficiencies.

The ground floor includes a reception area, cafe and a gym for employees with a central feature staircase leading to the open plan upper floors.

Modern and technologically advanced open plan offices will be situated on the first and second floors and the eye catching three storey high atrium will flood natural light throughout the glazed building.  The ground floor will include a spacious reception area, bistro and a gym for employees with expansive bleacher style stairs leading to the open plan upper floors.

The company’s current head office, based at Wylam Wharf is a former bonded warehouse, dating from the late 1700s and is one of only two warehouses surviving in the area. Throughout the design process tombola and Ryder were mindful of the need to ensure the contemporary new building will complement the existing buildings on the quayside area, to provide a lasting link to the city’s proud shipbuilding heritage.  The £6m project lies in a conservation area, on the banks of the River Wear, Sunderland.

Ronnie Graham, director at Ryder said, “It’s great to see our vision for tombola campus beginning to take shape in this unique riverside location.  The building will promote a cultural shift in office design through the delivery of a sleek, modern and desirable space – one that truly promotes collaboration and activity based working amongst employees, linking them with their internal and external environment.”

“The scale of the building, its multiple pitch roof and brick construction reflects the warehouses which characterises this section of the riverside.  Its appropriately contemporary twist reflects tombola’s desire to create a striking contribution to the city and a stimulating environment for the company employees.”

Phil Cronin, chief executive of tombola said, “We want to create the best working environment for our team and hope to build the best office campus in the region.  One of the things that we’re particularly proud of is that we produce all our own original gaming software and we’re one of the largest employers of game and web developers in the region.  Originating and developing the best gaming software means attracting and retaining the best talent in a growing and highly competitive market.  Providing world-class facilities for our team – and future employees – will help us achieve this.”

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