FutureX Podcasts

Why FutureX? Why now?

In the past, sustainability was often seen by the construction industry as a choice, but this has now dramatically shifted. Now it is a moral and legal obligation that will affect our choices and business decisions.

After many inspiring conversations between Martin Hurn, Event Director, Futurebuild and our Research Director, Dr Oliver Jones around sustainability and achieving net zero, it soon became apparent that Futurebuild and Ryder had so much more to talk about. We share the same values and thoughts around how we can overcome the many critical issues and challenges that our industry and our planet are currently facing.

The FutureX podcast is about giving a voice to those we don’t hear enough from, not just the people within our industry but the inspiring figures from outside of the built environment. We’ll be delving into Oliver’s black book to speak to these inspiring people and share their insights through this podcast.

About FutureBuild

For the past 16 years, Futurebuild (previously named Ecobuild) has focused on sustainability and kept it firmly at the heart of the event. Evolving with the industry and the UK Government’s goal, Futurebuild is pioneering the drive to net zero. Their mission is to cultivate cross sector collaboration to inspire the transformational change needed to propel the construction industry to the ambitious goal of achieving net zero.