Peter Buchan and Gordon Murray Retire

On 30 April, senior partner Peter Buchan and partner Gordon Murray retired, becoming the first Ryder Fellows.

Peter joined Ryder over 40 years ago and has been at the helm alongside managing partner Mark Thompson since 1994.  During that time Ryder has grown from a small team of 14 to an international practice with over 200 people and a diverse portfolio of projects.  Peter comments, “We set out to create a firm that was bigger than either one of us and it is with huge pride that I now look at what has been achieved.  Ryder has a powerful culture, shared values and huge talent which together will ensure an exciting future delivering our established manifesto of Everything architecture.”

Also retiring is partner Professor Gordon Murray who joined the practice in 2012 following the merger of his Glasgow practice with Ryder.  In addition to his academic professorial commitments, Gordon intends to continue to develop his consultancy and research projects for public and private clients.

In recognition of their contribution, both Peter and Gordon become the first Fellows of Ryder which, whilst carrying no commitment or responsibility, will see them offering guidance if the younger generation are in need.

At the same time, three of Ryder’s directors – Mark Carter, Mark Clasper and Chris Malcolm – become partners continuing to lead their respective successful and growing teams in London, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Mark Thompson comments, “This is a major milestone in Ryder’s history.  Perhaps even more than when Gordon Ryder himself retired, as we have developed far beyond our native Newcastle in the interim.  It’s been a joy and a privilege to lead Ryder Architecture through this chapter alongside Peter, and more recently Gordon.  Over the years we’ve become great friends so it’s with mixed emotions that myself and the entire leadership team look to the future in the belief that the next chapter will be just as exciting and successful as the last.”

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