Avon and Somerset Police

Gloucester - Civic

New custody base for policing.

Ryder were part of the winning consortium for a major project to provide new facilities for the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, contributing to the wider strategic project to provide new build accommodation across four sites: Gloucester Road, Express Parkway, Keynsham, and Blackrock Quarry.

Avon and Somerset Police
Complete 2014

Clarity of organisation.

Express Park provides the regional operations base for Avon and Somerset Police, housing administration support facilities, a 36 cell custody suite including prosecution and investigation accommodation, and external parking.

The design responds to varying scale of the building, allowing control over the flexibility of the facilities management. For example, each wing of the ground level custody suite can be isolated and shut down at times of low usage without impacting on the areas in use.

interior of large open staircase with office floor to left

Supporting efficiency and change.

A fundamental driver was to ensure the building design, structure and servicing not only serves the buildings different users but is adaptable to the future changes in policing. Factors inherent to the management of the new facilities include the economy of staffing, shift patterns, and the convenient receipt, dispatch, distribution and handling of goods and services.

drawing of building
exterior of building and trees outside

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