Janus Chairs

ClientKielder Trust


Project TypeLeisure

CompletionOctober 2009


A successful international design competition to provide one of six sculptural shelters along the Lakeside Way, on the north shore of Kielder Water.

The design consists of three giant one piece chairs created by using a folded plate structure which can be rotated to the desired position, towards a favourite view, into the sun, away from the wind or towards each other in a family group.

Taking their inspiration from unfolding petals of a flower, the chairs can be orientated by visitors as they wish.  Facing inward they are the closed bud of a flower, rotated outward they come into full bloom.  On approach, and when seen from other positions around the reservoir, they read as one sculpture, their different but related forms providing a constantly changing composition depending on their relative positioning.

“Visitors are attracted to the chairs and keen to interact with them.  They are a stunning example of art meeting architecture in the landscape.”

Peter Sharpe, Curator, Kielder Partnership