ClientThe Alnwick Garden Trust


Project TypeLandscape

CompletionApril 2023



Within the setting of The Alnwick Garden, Lilidorei is a magical new play village and home to Elfwin Drin, the world’s largest play structure.

The brainchild of the Duchess of Northumberland, Lilidorei is a magical mysterious village full of play, and home to nine clans who worship Christmas. They are ruled by Lord Elfwin, King of Lilidorei who lives in Elfwin Drin, the biggest play structure in the world.

The village is set within a forest of 1,400 Christmas trees. Nothing is off the peg; everything is bespoke, unique to Lilidorei and full of character.  The integrated lighting and immersive sound system all add to the magic.

A journey through Lilidorei will be an unrivalled experience for visitors with all senses stimulated to create excitement, fear, wonder and awe throughout the year.