ClientMTK Containers


Project TypeManufacturing

CompletionJanuary 1998



This bespoke manufacturing and office facility is on the banks of the River Wear.

The building accommodates a production assembly for pressurised container vessels with comprehensive online treatment and testing procedures, with overhead cranage throughout.

It was designed specifically to accommodate a newly developed and highly innovative rolling manufacturing process. Many of the activities involve complex effluent and discharge treatments.

All offices are on the mezzanine level, above material storage. A long window that stretches almost the entire length of the plant looks out on to the shop floor. This window into the workshop is an important element in the layout of the plant, as it allows every employee to be visually involved in the production process.

In the first few hours of working with Ryder they challenged preconceptions which MTK had brought from other manufacturing installations world wide.

Stuart Denton, S Denton Associates