Thames Valley Science Park

ClientUniversity of Reading


Project TypeScience


The brief was to develop a masterplan for a multi occupancy campus of highly flexible offices, laboratories and amenity spaces with international appeal.

The phased delivery of cutting edge facilities and services creates a dynamic environment for knowledge enterprises seeking an excellent business and research location with connectivity to the M4 corridor.

Placemaking has been driven by the site’s context, arranging building plots on plateaux with views to the landscape, and a buffer between the motorway and the development.

Ryder created three principal addresses, with building zones fronting a central street which stitches the development together. An open piazza, Collegiate Square (A), defines the gateway and provides a framework for initial building plots. View corridors link to Civic Square (B) and Cutbush Walk (C). The distinct character of each space is influenced by its context and enriches each phase of development, whilst establishing a coherent whole.