Tyhume Valley

LocationEastern Cape, South Africa

Project TypeLeisure

A self initiated project, staff along with Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company and Cundall worked with the community to develop a theatre space to encourage regeneration.

The permanent amphitheatre is built within the grounds of the village Gqumahashe. By linking the project with the school the theatre space can be used as an educational facility where children can create performances. The aim was for the theatre to become a focus for the community as well as attracting audiences from a wider area and creating a financial benefit.

The design is that of a traditional southern African roundhouse, which allows the audience to surround the performance. The self supporting structure was designed to reflect the solidity of indigenous construction techniques and locally sourced materials to be constructed by a local workforce from the village.

The venue comprises four terraces and a 200sqm performance area against the beautiful backdrop of the Tyhume hills and river.