An international competition calling for a building set in a new development which creates a sense of place and permanence, celebrates international cultures yet resonates with Chinese national and local cultural traditions, creates a new urbanisation, reinvents the established tyopology of a shopping centre, and develops low energy sustainable solutions.

The design concept for the building is an analogous to a journey up the mountain with a simple strong ordered external form, of the earth and rooted in it, giving a sense of longevity in a new settlement and as homage to the nearby Mount Lu.

Earthen material forms the outer layers, the walls floors and soffits within. The surrounding walls are massive but permeable – breathing, shading, sheltering and capturing sun. They use verdant planting and water to purify and temper the air passing through the structure. Each side of the structure responding to its own environmental conditions.








City Ruichang, Jiangxi, China
Completion April 2015
Area 30,000sqm