Trinity Academy

ClientCalderdale Metropolitan Borough Council


Project TypeSchool

CompletionFebruary 2013



The church aided 11–18 co educational academy specialises in science, business and enterprise and provides places for 1,200 students plus 300 sixth form places.

The terraced two storey design takes advantage of a steeply sloping south facing site which maximises daylight and views across the adjoining valley.

Learning clusters run east and west, and step up the hillside, working with the topography of the site.  These clusters are linked by the academy street, which acts as the heart of the school, and contains communal areas such as the learning resource centre, sacred space and dining areas.  The street allows simple wayfinding, maximises passive supervision and provides a valuable out of hours resource for the wider community.

“We are determined that each and every one of our students will receive an education that ensures that they reach their full potential.  Our wonderful building, designed in a way that offers staff and students flexible and innovative learning opportunities, is helping us to achieve this.”

Michael Gosling, Principal, Trinity Academy