Growing in numbers

A string of significant project wins and steady staff growth over the past year means we have further cause for celebration during our 60th anniversary.

Established in 1953 in Newcastle by post war pioneers Gordon Ryder and Peter Yates, the practice now has four UK offices in Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Newcastle, with a team also in Hong Kong.

In total, 43 new recruits have joined the ranks in the past 12 months, after significant project wins nationwide alongside projects in the north east including Hitachi, Newcastle Central Station, Newcastle College Gateway (pictured) and Nissan.

BIM Academy, our joint venture with Northumbria University, has also had success both here and overseas in Hong Kong, meaning it too has boosted its numbers to cater for growing demand, with the recent appointment of new chairman, John Lorimer, a founding member of the government BIM steering group.