Glasgow Exhibition Launch

Ryder Architecture launches its 60th birthday celebrations in Glasgow with a stunning exhibition which opens at The Briggait on 10th May 2013 until 24th May 2013. 

It then moves to the Building Centre for the London Architecture Festival in June.

“2013 is an important and exciting year for us in Scotland” explains Gordon Murray.  “It remains difficult in economic terms with an uneven construction industry.  Scotland is also on the verge of a new political landscape consequent upon the referendum in 2014.  However, with increased investment in public buildings and infrastructure now beginning to come to fruition, there are new opportunities for the further development of Scotland’s architecture.  This has coincided with the consolidation of our practice in Scotland – with GMA joining with Ryder – and has confirmed the wisdom of our decision to get together.  Our success in being appointed by Mountgrange and Prupim and on the Scotland’s Schools for the Future Programme has given us some continuity in our workload through 2016.”

Ryder’s proactive approach in developing key partnerships and collaborations along with its emphasis on excellence in people, service and architecture has been particularly successful in Scotland.

Peter Buchan, Senior Partner, points out, “We are incredibly excited to be welcoming Gordon as a Partner in Ryder Architecture.  His 30 plus years’ experience across all sectors has made him a well-known and respected ambassador for Scottish architecture nationally and internationally.”

Gordon’s role as Professor of Architecture at University of Strathclyde brings significant academic structure and research potential to the practice which has a history of collaborating with academic institutions, notably The BIM Academy at Northumbria University, as part of an on-going strategy of strengthening the practice’s capability through research.

Starting with Gordon Ryder and Peter Yates innovative partnership in 1953, the exhibition charts the challenges, developments and complimentary strands of architecture across the decades, mapping the interaction of the work of Ryder and GMA from Barr and Stroud in Glasgow through the SAS Radisson Hotel and the Sentinel Building to One West Regent Street. From Vickers to the Avon and Somerset Police HQ, the tone is interrogative and seeks to place the work of Ryder Architecture within the context of the times.  These projects highlight Ryder’s long standing use of interdisciplinary collaborations to support flexible design teams that answer the increasingly complex demands of management, economics and technology within design in the built environment.

Gordon sums up, “Great Scottish architecture is on the increase and is amongst the best in the world, in their context Ryder Architecture’s work can be seen through the exhibition to be operating in that environment through innovative and purposeful projects.”

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