Cycle to MIPIM 2023

In the lead up to MIPIM 2023, director David McMahon is taking part in Knight Frank Cycle to MIPIM for Club Peloton.

Cycle to MIPIM covers a distance of 900 miles.  What motivated you to take part in the challenge?

The cycle is organised by Club Peloton who support some brilliant causes.  This year we’re fundraising for Coram, Cyclists Fighting Cancer, MSA Trust and Tom AP Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust.  I think it will be great to put Ryder out there and showcase the work we do across a number of communities.  On a personal level, it will be good to push my own limits – I’m approaching a milestone birthday next year which I wanted to mark in my own way, and what better opportunity than this.

It sounds like you have some great reasons to take part in the cycle.  What are you expecting from the ride?

I’ve had some words of encouragement – and warning – from colleagues who have done the cycle in previous years, but I’m trying to keep an open mind.  There are going to be some highs and some inevitable lows throughout, but I’m looking forward to meeting likeminded people as we embark on the journey together.  I’m looking forward to seeing the scenery change as we work our way down the country.  This, alongside fundraising for such a great cause, will make it worthwhile.

How are you hoping the hard work will directly impact your time at MIPIM?

Attending MIPIM as part of London Club will be a good opportunity to establish Ryder within a wider group of peers and grow our network.  Fellow cyclists will be setting off from the same area, so I imagine there’ll be huge camaraderie built up which will cement and grow these relationships.  I think it’ll be a challenge to find a balance between the physical exhaustion and the mental exhaustion of the event, but I think the ride will bring me a new energy and elevate the outcomes we get from MIPIM.

Aside from the ride, it’s your first time attending MIPIM.  What are you most looking forward to?

I’m excited to represent Ryder on the international stage.  Whilst we are one practice and one Ryder, it’s important we continue to expand our national and international influence.  MIPIM, as well as the cycle challenge, provides the ideal platform for these networks to be made, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from all the hard work.

David’s Cycle to MIPIM challenge will support a number of great causes: CoramCyclists fighting CancerMultiple System Atrophy Trust, and Tom Ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust.  If you would like to sponsor David for any of these charitable causes, you can do so here.

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Banner Image © Jack Delulio / Unsplash