St Andrews Church

Vancouver, CA - Civic

Preserving a legacy with collaboration at the forefront.

Ryder in collaboration with Prime Consultant RJC, completed a seismic upgrade and heritage renewal of one of Vancouver’s most prominent landmark churches and music venues, St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, just a decade shy of its forthcoming 100th anniversary.

St Andrew's-Wesley United Church
Vancouver, CA
Complete 2021

Breathing life back into a historic landmark.

Originally opening in 1933, St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church was never truly finished due to finances, and the building suffered because of this. This project was approached in a way to reinstate the building as if nothing ever happened. Using digital 3D scanning through BIM to identify issues, we built the existing structure to its true glory, reinforcing the concrete structure, acoustic surroundings, and original interior detailing.

Front-on street side view of St Andrews Church
Exterior photo of St Andrews Church from an angle focussing on the corner of the church tower

Bridging the past with future technology.

This project involved a comprehensive upgrade to which we leveraged our BIM expertise to facilitate integrated building construction and design. We inserted new structural components including extensive concrete frames and buttresses, roof replacement, architectural metalwork, flashing repair and replacement, floor and pew replacement and upgrade of the plaster interior in keeping with the initial building design.

Exterior of St Andrews Church seen from an angle across the street
The church tower and church doors seen from across the street

Sustaining sacred heritage for generations to come.

St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church functions as a major religious, heritage and cultural focal point for the city. The rehabilitation of this historic structure allows it to remain so for future generations.

The view from one transept looking into the other with pews and stained glass windows visible
Looking down the red carpeted nave of the church towards the altar, with pews either side
The entire team understood the importance of maintaining the building’s historic character while providing a revitalised structure that meets the church’s vision for a modern-day gathering place.

Michael MacLean

Project Lead and Associate at RJC Engineers

The church at night with warm light coming from within

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