Ryder Architecture collaborated with TFP Farrells, based in Hong Kong, on a masterplan for a world class medical treatment platform and medical tourism resort. This represented £2bn worth of investment over an eight year programme and was integrated into the wider city masterplan.

The design is developed around the theme of an integrated medical and health city built up in four layers containing six clusters. The core layer provides a medical complex that includes a large general hospital featuring a gene granulocyte treatment centre, stem cell transplantation centre, organ transplantation centre, and granulocyte bank.

A recuperation and convalescence centre is closely related to the medical complex, providing Chinese medicine therapy, plastic surgery, beauty care, dentistry and ophthalmology.

Around this core layer further clusters provide both domestic and international aged care, residential communities, and eco tourism accommodation integrating hotels, residential, culture and entertainment.





City Dalian
Completion May 2016